About us
  “Denisov Antrepriza” is Houston based nonprofit arts & culture organization with tax-exempt status under section 501 © (3) since Jan 2015 and we have ongoing artistic/cultural programming, we have 20+ performances and plan more. We are unique, it is the only one professional theater for Russian speaking community in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana. And we have Russian speaking people everywhere in those States, and some people coming to Houston to see us, because they don’t have this opportunity in their cities. 
  We travel also, but tours are expensive and some people prefer to drive to see our shows here. In case we will be able to promote our events in Texas and other States, we will have much more visitors here in Houston, where we perform mostly! Because Russian speaking community in the USA includes, but not limited by people from such countries as Russian, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria and many others. We have a huge impact in our community, because people could not grow without roots, and roots in this case – is their history & culture knowledge and history & culture knowledge of their new country – USA.  
  Speaking about diversity – Houston is a great place for different cultures to bloom. And we are here to help people to understand each other better through art. We act like education institute and we create original performances, based on World best literature to acknowledge audience with the best writers, artists and World famous Russian art-schools like Mikhail Chekov and Konstantin Stanislavsky. We educate our audience and develop our community cultural vision to show the priority of cross-cultural network instead of separation. We try to make people happier and fear-free.  
  We’re survived, because of our audience, we are all volunteers and we don’t have any extra money after shows. We are transparent. We don’t have any salaries, loans, debts, buildings, land etc. All we have – direct expenses for producing our shows and individual contributions. All our board members are actors, we have full involvement into production and we know how much it costs, we are fully responsible for results, so we can manage projects and gain a success. 
   Our Board of Directors:

​   Anna Shchelokova - president

    Alex Pominov - treasurer 

    Edita Rozenberg - secretary